20/10/2008 - 16:04 [ ]GMC's new cases: Neo Classic & T50 Exclusive Review

Except being editor-in-chief of ModLabs.net i work in probably most hardcore hardware supplier in Ukraine - "Eletek". Actually we're the one and only company in ex-USSR that regularly sells modding stuff (ccfls, led fans, watercooling parts and other). But the main business is pc cases (small local Directron;)). And a two weeks ago we have received first samples of two new cases from korean company GMC (guys who created famous Noblesse case). As far as I know, these two are absolutely new models and i found no reviews in the net (even no mentions about this cases outside Korea!). So this is exclusive one;).

The black one is GMC T50, white is called GMC Neo Classic. Each has it's distinguishing features. And when it comes to the design then this cases are diametrically different.

Let's start with Neo Classic.

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