20/10/2008 - 16:04 [ ]Project Rufortina - Modding Part II

The upper-front panel was a hard job 'cause of a ton of tiny pieces used but still we succeeded. Devices were completely done using the glue. That were: cdrom drive (used shorn silver fur for tray), cd-home (dirt cheap 8 cd holder), hdd rack, rheobus, lcd, audio jacks.

Glueing the feets was the easiest part. The hardest was getting 'em into place. Because after installation the feet refused to turn, installing the watercooling into the standing fulltower wasn't really easy too.

The backside fan grill had been cut off using dremel and replaced by chromed 92 mm "Modlabs" custom grill. The water tank is right behind the grill lit by a self-made 12 volt blue LED flashlight.

Plasma Globe behind the "ModLabs" grill. I have to reject this idea 'cos it's the only place for water tank.

The 4x20 LCD was fully soldered by my girlfriend (she wanted to learn how to solder and found LCD a suitable victim;)) and installed into two 5.25" faceplates. Two knobs above it are contrast and backlight control.

Other mods done:
  • self-made rheobus
  • audio jacks in 3.5" slot (custom)
  • hdd rack painted black & silver with replaced leds
  • dual ultra bright hdd leds
  • removed 1 internal hdd rack to fit water radiator
  • 92mm fans 'chromed' with special spray paint

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