20/10/2008 - 16:04 [ ]Project Rufortina - Watercooling

I've created a completely home-made watercooling. The only stock watercooler we have in Ukraine is 3RSystem's Poseidon. Not bad for 90 bucks, but still lo-end in its performance. So i build this one by myself.

The only stock part used is a 1000 lph water pump. Water tank is hermetic packing for food, bought in a local supermarket.

Waterblock was created from noname P4 cooler, plastic box and copper barbs using 'Permatex' hermetic.

A radiator was bought in our car parts market, it was originally designed for truck's air heater. I installed two 92mm Thermaltake fans on it and painted 'em with 'chrome' paint.

That's the first version of this system, with another waterblock and small radiator. Compare:

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